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Complete Energy Efficiency Solution


Our ethos is to innovate through technology driven energy solutions allowing us to lead the green revolution through building technology.


Our energy solution design team have a global reputation and we bring together field experts from all aspects of building and energy services to offer a robust bespoke solution for each building to mitigate any associated risks and guarantee energy savings from the design stage.


Using wireless technology, we go a step further when measuring energy consumption. We combine energy monitoring with business critical and predictive maintenance measurement to quantify the overall efficiency of the building.


With our intelligent building monitoring platform, we can create bespoke output reports so that Energy Conservation Solutions can be isolated and analysed on their own merits.

CaaS (Cooling-as-a-Service) is a comprehensive, fully financed solution for the energy efficiency optimisation, maintenance and repair of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and chilled water systems, including chillers and pumps.

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Our CaaS service includes:
  • All-inclusive maintenance and repair of chillers and pumps for the 10-year contract tenure, including the repair and/or replacement of compressors and condenser coils
  • Retrofit solution, including new screw compressors, next-generation chiller controls, and variable frequency drives, transferred free of cost to the end-user at the end of the contract
  • Continuous commissioning with remote monitoring, which enables predictive maintenance and system optimisation through our proprietary AI algorithms and systems
  • Estimated average savings of 20% on utility costs for chillers and pumps, accrued to the end-user after completion of the contract
  • Buy-out option for the end-user, which provides a validated energy efficiency solution, at a depreciated price, during the tenure of the contract
The key benefits of Emrill Energy’s CaaS solution to stakeholders include:
  • Direct, immediate and continued financial savings to the end-user on the maintenance and all repair costs for chillers and pumps for 10 years
  • Maintenance and repair carried out by our team of highly-skilled and trained professionals and technicians
  • Retrofit solution enhances the asset life of chillers, thereby deferring high chiller replacement costs by 10-15 years
  • Carbon emission savings of approximately 1 tonne per installed refrigeration tonne per year

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We inspire confidence in our clients by how we deliver our energy conservation solutions with our robust install, test and commission process that puts them at ease knowing that their building will be upgraded and their systems maintained by qualified highly skilled technicians.


Our energy management platform allows us to monitor real time performance of the energy conservation solutions with automated alerts when outside set boundaries and Management Information (MI) reports in a concise, visual, and easy to read dashboard.


Our primary objectives are financially-driven to conserve energy for our clients; however, our approach allows for the inclusion of wider considerations. Social and environmental conservation is at the forefront of Emrill Energy’s culture and the foundation for its existence.


Emrill Energy’s monitoring system computes the real-time carbon footprint of your building systems. It monitors the carbon emission savings generated from efficiency programmes implemented on-site on a year-on-year basis.


Enhancing Building Efficiency with Advanced Command & Control Solutions

Emrill Energy provides state-of-the-art Command & Control Centre to our clients that monitors building performance 24/7 and provides rapid response to any building system control issues that could affect efficiency in terms of consumption control, maintenance or operations.

The Emrill Energy Command & Control Centre utilises a number of software platforms to monitor energy consumption, building asset integrity and predict maintenance failure remotely to minimise disruption and plan for maintenance services rather than react to catastrophic failures. This allows clients to be
well-prepared towards issues or costs that may affect energy consumption, building efficiencies or the asset lifecycle.

The functions include:

  • Measurement and verification through the duration of an energy project.
  • Monitor system and asset performance.
  • Centralised monitoring of Building Management systems.
  • Generate work requests and schedules for Energy Driven Facility Management (EDFM) contracts.
  • Accrue real-time Management Information (IM) against Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) to measure success.
  • Reporting reactive maintenance defects that affect building optimisation through artificial intelligence called Automated Continuous Commissioning (ACC).
  • Record all predictive and condition-based maintenance alongside the standard Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) schedules.
  • Deploy specialists when required to prevent an increase in energy consumption or the potential of asset downtime.