What We Do


Tailor-Made Solutions for Total Energy Management

Emrill Energy offers total energy management and energy engineering solutions utilising the latest innovative building technologies to deliver material energy efficiency savings to clients.

Our unique service provides tailor-made solutions, with an extensive product portfolio from different vendors to ensure the best fit for each client’s specific requirements to maximise energy efficiency. We provide bespoke energy solutions for the residential, commercial, hospitality, industrial and manufacturing sectors.


Our Unique and Extensive Product Portfolio includes

Continuous Commissioning of Existing HVAC System

Our remote monitoring solution gathers data from diverse components of HVAC systems which are analysed using proprietary algorithms to design EDGE logic for continuous commissioning. Energy Management Services iServ is a cloud-based Energy Management System (EMS) for monitoring building energy consumption and real-time condition-based commissioning.

Project, Install, Operate and Maintain

Project manage, install and commission each initiative using via qualified engineers with a warranty for all work. Each initiative comes with a building measuring and verification system which monitors and reports energy savings including maintenance efficiency gains. As part of the service ongoing operation and maintenance of all equipment installed is provided to ensure it is operating at optimal efficiency at all times.

Renewable Energy

Solar, heat pumps, photovoltaic, ground and air source heat pump systems.

Control and Monitoring

Delivering an effective platform to achieve and maintain material energy reductions.

Air Handling

Options for retrofit and treatment of existing air handling systems.


Range of solutions including retrofit with low-energy lighting systems, intelligent control with timing plus presence detection, soft-start and voltage control systems to make existing internal installations more efficient, and induction lighting for external applications

HVAC Mechanical

Controls upgrade and component retrofit to improve energy efficiency and enhance useful life of installed equipment.


A suite of energy efficiency product and treatments to reduce high refrigeration costs and energy wastage which includes Intelligent Control.

Energy Performance

Optional capital financing for each initiative proposed can be provided,, which enables future energy savings to fund expenses. This allows clients reduce overall energy expenditure without having the burden of upfront project costs. It also comes with a buyout option after witnessing the performance.

Building Audit

Emrill Energy team of energy specialists provide building energy audits and issue diagnosis, which is followed by a specification and energy design solution for energy saving initiatives. Each initiative includes an energy saving forecast, a minimum saving guarantee and a Return On Investment (ROI) business case.

Energy Management Services

ReflexTM is a cloud-based Energy Management System (EMS) for monitoring building energy consumption and real-time condition-based monitoring.