Residential buildings are major contributors to the energy consumption of cities. It is important to ensure residential buildings and assets are optimised to be energy efficient, in particular buildings that have been constructed over 5 years ago.

Utility costs account for a large portion of expenses incurred by building owners and owners associations. An extensive audit of the premises and assets is required as determining usage and wastage can be difficult compared to commercial buildings due to irregular consumption patterns. In order to assist with your energy management and engineering solutions, Emrill Energy conducts thorough audits to measure and analyse energy consumption patterns, which are used to design a tailored plan to optimise efficiency and reduce utility spend.


Commercial Offices

Offices have incredible potential to achieve reductions in energy consumption. There are several areas in which savings can be made in office premises including lighting, air handling and cooling. Inefficient office buildings particularly older buildings with aged equipment require assessment, auditing and even enhancement to perform cost effectively and efficiently.

Emrill Energy can assess, analyse, recommend, design and install a tailored a tailored solution to produce savings for office buildings.



This sector is also a major contributor to the overall energy consumed within the region. Most hotels have swimming pools, restaurants, gyms, spas and laundry services that either require heating or cooling. Emrill Energy provides solutions through controls and heat recovery that reduce average hotel utility consumption in this region.

Emrill Energy works alongside hotel engineering teams to produce efficient, bespoke and energy-driven solutions that do not compromise on the hotel services. Emrill Energy understands the need to put the customers of the hotel first and that is why the relationship with individual hotel engineering teams is second to none.


Industrial and Manufacturing

Industrial and manufacturing premises, including storage and distribution centres, are major consumers of energy with up to 40% wasted in some organisations. Due to the complexities of their systems, building ownership and usage, it is a difficult sector to decrease energy usage in.

Emrill Energy has the expertise to eliminate waste and recover energy for re-usage on site at a very low cost with a comprehensive set of tools used to assess and analyse. Emrill Energy provides tailored solutions to help individual industry and manufacturing sites to achieve significant energy reductions.



Energy consumption in the retail sector is consistently rising with lighting, refrigeration, cooling and resistive loads accounting for massive energy bills. Retail stores and organisations can significantly reduce costs with improved energy efficiency achieved through decreased energy consumption, lower maintenance costs and system failures.

Reduced overheads enable retailers to become more competitive with increased customer satisfaction and profitability while reducing their carbon footprint.